About Us


 Andreea Mogoșanu is a romanian born jewelry designer exploring the complex intersection of nature and emotion. Her journey began with the passion for jewelry and the pursuit of meaningful ways to express unique visual experiences. Deeply influenced by both the Italian’s Alchimia and Romania’s Assamblage Contemporary Jewellery Schools, Andreea developed an unique eclectic style of her own. Combining simplicity, accurate shapes, natural forms and stunning visual experiences, she created an aesthetic which aimed at telling the story of unique emotions.

 This is how MOOGU was born - a contemporary jewellery brand highlighted by its blend of raw emotion and scandinavian natural simplicity. Our minimal high quality pieces are designed in Romania and handcrafted with love and schooled precision, in our own studio. Soon after we launched, the brand began featuring in editorials for some of the most known international magazines like: Elle (2016, Romania), Devour Magazine (USA), Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Luxury Magazine. We are also exhibiting in many countries such as Japan, China, UK, Germany, Austria, Holland or the United Arab Emirates.

MOOGU has grown fast into an entire team, and we’re constantly striving to handcraft the highest quality pieces and deliver them fast worldwide.



From persplex, silver and metal used in MOOGU's first collection of functional jewellery – Flux – or wood (natural essences), concrete, leather, natural coral (Metrya, Extreme Love, Re:Red) to custom made engagement and wedding rings made of 14k white, rose or yellow gold, adorned with special combinations of rare colored diamonds and gemstones (ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, aquamarine etc), Andreea Mogosanu gradually developed her manufacturing skills, according to her creative vision, and commited herself to establish an unique and innovative label, with a strong aesthetic appeal.

Therefore, Andreea Mogosanu aimes to bring women and men the undisputed flavour of contemporary jewellery (anual conceptual collections) and the refinement and elegance of her fine jewellery collection (permanent line and custom-made designs). As a consequence of her expertise and repuation acquired over the years, Andreea Mogosanu frequently responds to major special projects initiated by romanian designers, concept-stores and cultural platforms: capsule collections for Romanian Design Week (2014, 2015), “Marine Sailing” men cufflinks capsule collection created for The Urban Ties boutique (2014), thematic collection – message jewellery - created for “Skin Deep” fashion brand (2015).

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